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Top Quality Load Test Water Bags, World-Class Quality Standard

Proof Load Test Water Bags

DOOWIN offer the proof load test water bags meet the need for the simple proof load testing method instead of traditional solid load testing weight method.

DOOWIN proof load test water weight bags is designed for proof load testing for the lifting equipments and structures that request proof load testing weight when it’s newly finished, or periodic check or maintenance. Such as crane load testing, beam load testing, davit water load testing, derrick water load testing, overhead proof load testing. This water filled proof load bags offer one kind innovative water load test weight solution with the advantages of Safety, Economy, Convenience, High Efficiency.

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Physically Proven Safety Factor
Maximum Capacity Water Bag
Economic Efficiency
Project Success Rate

Load Test Water Bags Specification

DOOWIN standard load test water bags from 1ton to 100ton. The below specification is the common size. We also make other size and capacity load test water bags upon request. We also make the low height water weight bags used for the low headroom projects.

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Note: Gross Weight is shipment weight after package with all accessories. The above specification only for your reference. We maybe change its size without notice. 

Proven in Practice

Hundreds of Successful Load Testing Projects

Your Safety is Our Mission!

DOOWIN water bags were sold to more than 30 countries. Total capacity reach 50,000 ton.

  • water load bags for crane load testing

Water Bags Features & Advantages

DOOWIN proof load test water bags are made of heavy duty PVC coated fabrics, equipped with all necessary accessories. Top quality with the competitive price make DOOWIN crane test water weight bags as the first choice.

–  Made of 1900g high strength UV resistance PVC coated fabrics
–  Heavy duty webbing harness terminates with single round sling
–  Easy to handle and operate to enhance the work efficiency
–  Equipped with all accessories, ready for use
–  Multi size are available for unlimited variants of load test weight
–  6:1 safety factor type verified by drop test at UK NEL TUV
–  BV third Party Certificate comply with LEEA 051

Load Test Water Bags Constructions

Load test water bags is one system including water bags body and all its accessories. The water bags are designed that the lifting set is separate from the water bag body. The failure of any one webbing element will not result in failure of the lifting set nor cause a local overload of the bag.

Each set load test water bags system comes ready with following accessories certificated:
— Master link and shackles, 6:1 safety factor, EN 1677 or EN 13889
— Polyester webbing lifting straps, round slings, 6:1 SF, compliance with EN 1492-1
— High quality filling and drain hose with valves and camlocks
— Several handles welded around the water bag body
— The marine rope with pulleys

How to choose the best quality water bags?

Type Certificated by Drop Test
Comply with LEEA 051

DOOWIN load test water bags are designed manufactured, tested and certificated in 100%
compliance with LEEA 051 guidelines. There are several key elements.

  • Lifting set should separate from water bags. Comprised several elements should share
    the load. Each element should be manufactured comply with relevant BS standard.
  • The safety factor of each type and size water bags should be proven via drop
    test to at least 6 times the working load limit.
  • Every water bags should be verified via either inflation of the water bags to
    pressure in the range to 0.25~0.5 bar and then visual check of welded seams
    for integrity and no leakage, or via a proof (drop) test to at least 2 times the WLL.

DOOWIN Load Test Water Weight Bags

Highest Performance Water Bags Certificated

DOOWIN load test water weight bags are manufactured with the highest quality PVC coating fabric material SGS certificated. DOOWIN load test water bags are type certificated by drop test, which proven factor of safety in excess of 6:1. Our load test water bags are manufactured and tested comply with Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) 051 Guidance. We can provide BV, ABS, LR third party certificate upon request. Visit About Us to get more information.

Certificate of Type Test

BV Inspection Certificate

SGS Material Certificate

Professional Cast Quality

Excellent quality water bags and reliable service, they deliver exactly what they agree to and perfectly on time.

Stephen Barnett, MODEC (Singapore)

Awesome to use DOOWIN buoyancy bags for our Aramco project. Its quality completely can be comparable with UK products.

We have confident with DOOWIN. They can help us with innovative solution, well prepared to accommodate to our request.

Hugo Silva (Project Manager), McDERMOTT

Proof Load Testing Service

DOOWIN provides proof load testing services to companies across the China & throughout the world.
We have highly trained and licensed professional engineering team. They can perform specific proof load testing tasks and projects.

We provide below proof load testing services
crane proof load testing

Crane Proof Load Testing

All types cranes can be load tested using water bags. And water bags are very convenient for the low headroom or very tight areas of load testing. Water bags can be filled with water slowly. So the crane problems can be recognized and corrected prior to reaching the rated testing load.

overhead crane proof load testing

Overhead Crane Load Testing

DOOWIN offer expert proof load testing services for the overhead crane and bridges crane, jib and gantry cranes using our certificated water bags. We can do proof load testing service for initial commissioning, after repairs and periodic inspects of cranes.

lifeboat davit proof load testing

Lifeboat Davit Load Testing

For proof load testing lifeboat davit system, DOOWIN offer certificated professional load test water bags 1t~20t. The required proof load testing can be accurately applied to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and proper lifeboat davit testing.

boat lift proof load testing water bags

Boat Lift Load Testing

Because of the special structure of boat lift, proof load testing using water bags is recognized as a safe, effective load testing method. Proof load testing is generally performed prior to initial use, after repair, periodically inspection.

building load testing water bags

Building Load Testing

DOOWIN offer proof load testing for the building construction using pillow shaped water bags. Our pillow water bags can well ensure the uniform weight distribution. We equip the certificated water meter to ensure exact load water inside water bags.

lifeboat load testing

Lifeboat Load Testing

For lifeboat load testing, the small size water bags can be arranged inside the vessel to simulate passenger loading. The water weight can be controlled accurately by professional filling and discharge lifeboat water bags system from far place.

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