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Enclosed Mono Buoyancy Units

Single Point Buoyancy Units

DOOWIN single point buoyancy units is one kind enclosed pipeline buoyancy bags. It only has one single lifting point. So it is very effective for the steel or HDPE pipelines laying work at or near the surface. Moreover it also can work at large angle, like the parachute type air lift bags. 

Vertical single point mono buoyancy units are made of heavy duty PVC coating fabric material comply with IMCA D-016. Each enclosed mono buoyancy unit is fitted with pressure relief valves, and filling/discharge ball valves. One internal strop is used to connect the top lifting point with the bottom lifting point. We also can make lifting belts from the top to the bottom to reinforce the lifting capacity.

DOOWIN make mono buoyancy bags with capacity less than 5ton. For the bigger capacity, you can choose our parachute air lift bags.Visit About Us, Products, Service to get more information.

Single Point Buoyancy Units Specification

DOOWIN single point mono buoyancy units have 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t common size. The standard color is yellow. The orange color is available upon request. Refer the below pictures, we also can design and supply upon clients’ request, and special projects.

Specification of Mono Buoyancy Units, Single Point Buoyancy Bags

specification of Mono Buoyancy Units, Single Point Buoyancy Bags
Mono Buoyancy Units, Single Point Buoyancy Bags
Mono Buoyancy Units, Single Point Buoyancy Bags in USE
Mono Buoyancy Units, Single Point Buoyancy Units
Mono Buoyancy Units, Single Point Buoyancy Bags IN USE

DOOWIN Single Point Mono Buoyancy Units

Type Certificated by Drop Test

DOOWIN single point buoyancy units are type certificated by drop test, which proven factor of safety in excess of 5:1. So it  well proven our buoyancy bags top quality. Our single point buoyancy units are manufactured and tested compliance with IMCA D016. We can provide BV, ABS, LR third party certificate upon request.

Mono buoyancy units drop test result
Mono Buoyancy Units, Single Point Buoyancy Bags drop test
Certificate of mono buoyancy units drop test

The peak force of SPB-5 drop test is 253KN.

The peak force of SPB-3 drop test is 177KN.

The peak force of SPB-2 drop test is 135KN.

Professional Cast Quality

Excellent quality water bags and reliable service, they deliver exactly what they agree to and perfectly on time.

Stephen Barnett, MODEC (Singapore)

Awesome to use DOOWIN buoyancy bags for our Aramco project. Its quality completely can be comparable with UK products.

Dr.Chen, China Harbour (Aramco Project)

We have confident with DOOWIN. They can help us with innovative solution, well prepared to accommodate to our request.

Hugo Silva (Project Manager), McDERMOTT

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Arc-Shaped Pipe Floaters

Recently, we designed one kind new arc-shaped pipe float buoys. This type pipe float buoys can connect with the pipe closer to get more buoyancy in the shallow water condition. We can make pipe float buoys according to the different diameter pipe. The buoyancy is from 1ton to 10ton each unit.

Arc-shaped pipe floater has three lifting webbing sling. So pipe laying float can be strapped to the pipeline to reduce the tension and weight in the pipeline during the installation. The pipe laying float buoys can provide the buoyancy when pull the pipeline underwater.

Advantage of arc-shaped pipe floater:

  • It can provide higher buoyancy at same water depth
  • Different diameter design for various diameter pipe
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Equipped with auto pressure release valve
  • Customized size availiable

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