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Marine Rubber Airbags

Through listening to our customers, DOOWIN has develop the heavy duty marine rubber airbags (MRA), which are the toughest inflatable buoyancy airbags.

DOOWIN marine rubber buoyancy airbags are the system of choice where reliable, controllable buoyancy is required. They are particularly suited for installation buoyancy on pipeline float-out, beach pulls and river crossings. Our marine rubber airbags have also been used in applications such as vessel and platform draught reduction in limited water depths, and as salvage pontoons for temporary bridges and docks. MRA also can be used to salvage the shipwreck, rescue the floating bridge and dock construction. 

It really comes into own when marine salvage airbags employed in heavy-duty salvage work under severe environment.

DOOWIN marine rubber airbag is enclosed cylindrical shape buoyancy units. Constructed from high tensile out rubber layer, multilayer heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers, and an inner rubber layer vulcanized firmly.

Marine rubber airbags are cylindrical balloon body, with two conical head and end mouth, fitted with air tightness swivel and air inlet kits at end mouth. Polyester webbing lifting straps is round the whole marine rubber airbag body. The total lifting of these straps maintain a minimum 6:1 safety factor of its buoyancy. Can equip the auto pressure relieve valves, which can open when inner pressure reach rated pressure.

Maximum Capacity
Safety Factor
Maximum Working Deepth
Maximum Layers Number

Marine Rubber Airbags Specification

Different combination of diameter and length, make marine rubber airbags achieve different buoyancy capacity.

marine rubber airbags specification

marine rubber airbags specification

Features and Advantages

All DOOWIN marine rubber airbags are manufactured and tested comply with ISO 14409 “Ships and marine technology – ship launching air bags” and IMCA D016 Underwater Air Lifting Bags, certificated by third party classification society.

Super-high Tensile Strength — Heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers is framework material of our marine rubber airbags. It can bear super high working pressure, even for the deep water from the surface operation.

Resistant to Abrasion — The thickness of DOOWIN marine rubber airbags is up to 12mm or more. So it can resistant the scratch and abrasion under severe environment. Even the out rubber layer was damaged. The inner synthetic-tire-cord layer also can work well.

Multiple Applications — Marine rubber airbags can be used for the surface buoyancy support same with enclosed air lifting bags. Also can be used for the salvage work from deep water to the water surface.

  • marine rubber airbags
  • marine rubber airbags
proof load testing water bags

Ship Launching Marine Airbags

Ship launching airbags, also known as roller bags or ship launching balloon, are made of heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers with inner and outer rubber layers in long cylindrical balloon shape. Ship launching airbags can be used for the ship launching, ship landing work.

Ship launching relying on ship launching airbags is a innovative ship launching technology, comparing with “end-on launching”, “side ship launching”, “float-out”. This ship launching technology overcomes the restrictions of fixed launching track of side-launch. Ship launching airbags are accepted by more and more shipyard worldwide because of its advantages of saving time, saving investment, flexible, safety.

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pipeline buoyancy units

Heavy Lifting Rubber Airbags

Our heavy lifting airbags have the different structure with the ship launching airbags. Not the simple another application of ship launching airbags. It can roll steadily when take the load. The inferior lifting airbags are easy to twist. DOOWIN high pressure heavy lifting airbags are the toughest large pneumatic lifting bags for the huge and heavy structure, concrete caissons lifting and moving.

Our high pressure heavy lifting airbags are updated and improved based on the traditional ship launching airbags. This improve make heavy lifting aribags are more suitable for the heavy lifting work. The highest lifting capacity of each heavy lifting airbags can reach more than 1000 tons.

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Professional Cast Quality

Excellent quality water bags and reliable service, they deliver exactly what they agree to and perfectly on time.

Stephen Barnett, MODEC (Singapore)

Awesome to use DOOWIN buoyancy bags for our Aramco project. Its quality completely can be comparable with UK products.

Dr.Chen, China Harbour (Aramco Project)

We have confident with DOOWIN. They can help us with innovative solution, well prepared to accommodate to our request.

Hugo Silva (Project Manager), McDERMOTT

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