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Water Filled Weight Bags, Inflatable Buoyancy Bags

Professional Manufacturer

Leading manufacturer of flexible products made of polyester coated fabric.

DOOWIN is Chinese unique professional manufacturer of underwater air lift bags, inflatable buoyancy bags, and water filled weight bags. Our inflatable buoyancy bags are used for the marine salvage, buoyancy support pipeline laying work. All our inflatable buoyancy bags are fully compliant with IMCA-D-016. DOOWIN water filled weight bags are manufactured and tested comply with the requirements of LEEA 051. DOOWIN equip the modern professional production machine, use the market leading material, and advanced production technology to manufacturer high quality products.

DOOWIN engineers and consultants have been in fabrication and use these products for more than 30 years, experienced in this industry. DOOWIN passed rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Management System, approved by the third party SGS, CCS, BV, ABS, LR.

water filled weight bags

Load Test Water Weight Bags

pipeline inflatable buoyancy bags

Pipeline Buoyancy Bags

Liquid Containment pillow type water bags

Liquid Containment

Parachute type inflatable buoyancy bags

Underwater Air Lift Bags

Lifeboat water filled weight bags

Lifeboat Test Water Bags

inflatable fenders buoys and pipe plug

Other Inflatable Products

DOOWIN Load Test Water Filled Weight Bags

Highest Performance Water Bags Certificated

DOOWIN load test water filled weight bags are manufactured with the highest quality PVC coating fabric. DOOWIN load test water filled weight bags are type certificated by drop test, which proven factor of safety in excess of 6:1. DOOWIN Water filled weight bags are manufactured and tested comply with LEEA 051 Guidance, BV, LR , ABS certificated.
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Physically Proven Safety Factor
Maximum Capacity Water Bag
Total Capacity Ready for Rent
Certificate of Water Filled Weight Bags

Crane Test Water Bags

Used for the proof load testing
for crane, derricks, davit, and
any lifting or load-bearing structure
Lifting Capacity 1~100ton

Low Headroom Weight Bags

For lifting equipments & structures
when testing have low headroom
Standard lifting capacity 1~35t
Customized size available

Platform Test Water Bags

Load testing all kinds of load-bearing
structures, including bridge, platform,
walkway, floor, elevators, ramps
gangways, decks, and entire buildings.

Wireless Load Cell

Load cell is the necessary dynamometer
instrument for the load testing
with water filled weight bags
Standard capacity 1~300ton

Chinese Unique Professional Manufacturer

Underwater Air Lift Bags

All DOOWIN underwater air lift bags are designed, manufactured and tested compliance with IMCA D016. We have various type air lifting bags made of high quality PVC coating fabric material with 6:1 Safety Factor.

Physically Proven Safety Factor 6:1
Maximum Capacity Each Airbags

Parachute Type Air Lift Bags

Used for lifting sunken objects and
other loads from the seabed to surface
Lifting Capacity: 50kg ~ 50t

Totally Enclosed Air Lift Bags

Best buoyancy load for the surface
buoyancy support & pipeline laying work
Standard Capacity: 50kg ~ 50t

Pillow Type Air lift Bags

Provide maximum lift capacity for the
reflation work, towing job in shallow water
Lift Capacity: 100kg ~ 5t

Elongated Pontoon

Raise the sunken boat from deepwater
supporting docks and floating structures
Buoyancy Capacity: 500kg ~ 5t

Professional Inflatable Floats for Pipelaying Work

Pipeline & Cable Inflatable Buoyancy Bags

We manufacturer various inflatable buoyancy units for different pipe laying, cable float, hose floats.
Our single point inflatable buoyancy bags are drop tested with 6:1 safety factor by BV.
Inflatable buoyancy bags are manufactured in comply with IMCA D016.

Single point inflatable buoyancy bags

Single Point Buoyancy Bags

Single point can work at large angle
Mono Buoyancy Units
Air Lift Capacity: 500kg ~ 5t

individual inflatable buoyancy bags

Individual Buoyancy Bags

Used for the pipe laying work
Multi lifting points, light weight
Buoyancy: 50kg ~ 50t

Twin inflatable buoyancy bags

Twin Inflatable Buoyancy Bags

Professional inflatable floats for the
small diameter cable, hose, and pipeline
Standard Capacity: 100kg ~ 2t

marine rubber airbags

Marine Rubber Airbags

Heavy duty salvage rubber airbags
the toughest inflatable buoyancy airbags
Buoyancy: 5t ~ 300t

Made of Highest Quality PVC Coated Fabric Material

Lifeboat Test Water Filled Weight Bags

DOOWIN lifeboat water filled weight bag system including professional highest quality water bags,
professional operation fittings, like diaphragm pump, water meter, manifold.

Lifeboat test water filled weight bags

Lifeboat Test Water Bags

Professinal designed water bags
with air valve, relief valves and hands
Standard Capacity: 100kg ~ 1ton
Customised size availiable

Gangway test water filled weight bags

Gangway Test Water Bags

Used for the load testing of gangway
accommodation ladder and other long structures
Standard capacity: 650kg, 13000kg
Customized size avaliable

Lifeboat test water filled weight bags system

Lifeboat Test Kits

Professional lifeboat water bags test system
for better and more easily operateion
diaphragm pump, water meter, manifold
discharge/filling hose, ball valves

Liquid Storage Containment

Liquid Pillow Tank

Pillow tanks are used for bulk liquid storage and transportation for storing fuel, water and chemicals. We have OIL-TANK, AQUA-TANK, CHEM-TANK, CARGO-TANK

Open Top Water Tank

We have self-rising onion shape open top water tank, and frame type open top water tank used for water storage, firefighting, and disaster relief efforts.

Other Inflatable Products

Inflatable Fenders & Buoys

DOOWIN make low pressure PVC fenders and buoys. This type PVC fenders are used for the boat, commercial boat, or yacht. Can be called yacht fenders.

Inflatable Pipe Plug

Inflatable pipe plug and inflatable pipe stopper made of heavy duty PVC coating fabric and rubber. Customized size is available upon request.

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