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Proof Load Testing Service

DOOWIN provides proof load testing services to companies across the China & throughout the world.
We have highly trained and licensed professional engineering team. They can perform specific proof load testing tasks and projects.

We provide below proof load testing services
crane proof load testing

Crane Proof Load Testing

All types cranes can be load tested using water bags. And water bags are very convenient for the low headroom or very tight areas of load testing. Water bags can be filled with water slowly. So the crane problems can be recognized and corrected prior to reaching the rated testing load.

overhead crane proof load testing

Overhead Crane Load Testing

DOOWIN offer expert proof load testing services for the overhead crane and bridges crane, jib and gantry cranes using our certificated water bags. We can do proof load testing service for initial commissioning, after repairs and periodic inspects of cranes.

lifeboat davit proof load testing

Lifeboat Davit Load Testing

For proof load testing lifeboat davit system, DOOWIN offer certificated professional load test water bags 1t~20t. The required proof load testing can be accurately applied to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and proper lifeboat davit testing.

boat lift proof load testing water bags

Boat Lift Load Testing

Because of the special structure of boat lift, proof load testing using water bags is recognized as a safe, effective load testing method. Proof load testing is generally performed prior to initial use, after repair, periodically inspection.

building load testing water bags

Building Load Testing

DOOWIN offer proof load testing for the building construction using pillow shaped water bags. Our pillow water bags can well ensure the uniform weight distribution. We equip the certificated water meter to ensure exact load water inside water bags.

lifeboat load testing

Lifeboat Load Testing

For lifeboat load testing, the small size water bags can be arranged inside the vessel to simulate passenger loading. The water weight can be controlled accurately by professional filling and discharge lifeboat water bags system from far place.

Stocked proof load water bags, pipeline buoyancy units

Rent Service

DOOWIN maintains an extensive inventory of load testing water bags (5t~100ton ) and pipeline buoyancy units (1t~5t) in Middle East and Southeast Asia. Ready for rental to customers across neighboring countries and worldwide.

proof load testing water bags

Rent Load Testing Water Bags

DOOWIN rental crane testing water bags have 5t, 15t, 25t, 35t, 50t and 75t available. All our water bags can be clustered together and stacked with rigging system, to achieve test load of up to 800 tons, without the need of spreader beams. You can rent all the water bags and equipment from us to perform your load testing work.

DOOWIN load test water bags are type tested by drop test with 6:1 safety factor comply with LEEA 051. All our rental water weight bags are inspected and repaired after each use ready for next project.

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pipeline buoyancy units

Rent Pipeline Buoyancy Units

DOOWIN rental pipeline buoyancy units have 1t, 2t, 3t, and 5t vertical buoyancy units, and individual enclosed air lifting bags available. The total buoyancy of all air lifting bags are about 2000ton. It is the best solution of short period project. We can delivery the pipeline buoyancy units to anywhere in the word.

DOOWIN pipeline buoyancy units are type tested by drop test with 5:1 safety factor comply with IMCA D016. All our rental pipeline buoyancy units are inspected and repaired after each use ready for next project.

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Industry & Application

DOOWIN products and services to industrial customers in the oil & gas, defence, construction, process, maritime and shipping, power generation, agriculture, transportation, military, heavy manufacturing industries and other no limited sectors that we can work for.
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Pipeline Buoyancy Support
Marine Salvage and Refloatation

Buoyancy support is the main business area. We made wide range and ravious type air lifting bags and buoyancy units, which can be used underwater and in shallow water surface to provide buoyancy support for global diving, marine salvage industrials, pipeline laying work. The open bottom lift bags can be used for the lifting load. The enclosed buoyancy units are used for the buoyancy supporting load.

The main application area include:

For the raising sunken objects, vessel salvage, marine structure stabilization, underwater equipments transport, pipeline laying and towing, buoyancy support, and stanby emergency buoyancy, and other application.

pipeline buoyancy units for pipe laying project
proof load testing project

Proof Load Testing with
Certificated Water Weight Bags

DOOWIN load test water bags provide the safest, most practical, and economical method of proof load testing weight.

Marine: Offshore Rig, Ship Building and Repair Company, Shipping Company, Dock & Harbors use testing water bags for the following application: • Cranes; • Derricks; • Davits; • Winches; • Lifeboats; • Ramps & Lifts

Power stations, refineries, factories and crane companies among others use for weighting in a wide variety of application include: • overhead cranes; • beams; • gantries; • elevators; • monorails

Engineering: Specialized Water Weights products and services are used by structural engineers, construction companies, naval architects; engineers and logistics management companies for: • floor and bridge tests; • ballast and counterweight; • water and liquid storage; • load measurement; • Cargo manifesting and data logging

Bulk Liquid Containment
Pillow Shape, Open Top Type Tanks

DOOWIN make many type pillow shape tank for the bulk liquid storage and transportation application by PVC or TPU coating fabric. The main application area include the follows:

Food Products: Flat Beer, Animal Oils, Beer Syrup Concentrate, Jam, Egg-Liquid, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Glucose, Malt Extract, Water, Sauces, Sugar Syrup, Vegetable Oils, Wine, Corn Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Sorbitol, Fish Sauce, Milk, Dark Soy Sauce

Industrial/Chemicals: Lube Oils, Transformer Oils, White Oils, Silicate Binder, Natural Latex, Synthetic Latex, Glue, Glycol, Base Oils, Detergents, Glycerine, Adhesive, Emulsions, Water Based Paints, Hair Shampoos/Conditioner, Mineral Oils, Lanolin, Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Paper Pulp, Optical Brightener

proof load testing project