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Maneuver Launching with Air Lift Bags

Our customer took place the launching maneuver of the intake tower for the Desalination Plant for the Atacama, Copiapó and Chañaral region was carried out. The maneuver was carried out smoothly and with satisfactory results with the help of DOOWIN enclosed parachute type air lift bags.

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Water Weights Proof Load Bags

DOOWIN engineering team successfully finished another crane load testing project using 3 units 50ton Water Weights Proof Load Bags. This is the main crane of Deep diving work support vessel "ANDY WARHOL". This DSCV is built by Wuchang Shipbuilding Group for Ultra Deep Offshore. The safety working load of this MACGREGOR crane is 150ton. The owner requests the 1.1times load testing. So filling water up to 165ton. Our proof load bags has [...]

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World’s First Seabed Flexible HDPE Pipe Double-tube Installation

DOOWIN pipeline buoyancy units were used for the world's first ultra-large and ultra-long HDPE double-tube shipping and installation. Recently, a super flexible HDPE submarine pipeline with a length of 558.2 meters and a weight of 1,315 tons was commercialized at the commercial port of the Saudi Arabian Sea City. It successfully adopted double-tube shipping to achieve seamless underwater docking and became the world's first super flexible HDPE submarine pipeline. Double [...]

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Potable Water Pillow Tanks

We are glad to introduce our new products - Potable Water Pillow Tanks. Please refer the below detailed introduction. Collapsible Potable Water Storage Pillow Tanks CERTIFICATED QUALITY FOR POTABLE WATER NSF/ANSI-61 compliant drinking water bladder tanks Collapsible pillow tanks is the most economical and the most simply storage way for the potable drinking water in desert, industrial, commercial, and residential areas. DOOWIN collapsible tanks for drinking water are [...]

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Low Headroom Crane Load Test

Our esteemed customer KONECRANES finished another 150 ton crane load test. This crane has low headroom working height. In order to reach the rated load testing weight within limited height, have to design the special low headroom water bags. The point is normally the height of empty is longer than the height filled with water. After doing much calculation, our engineer design fours PLB-40ton water bags according to the [...]

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Mono Buoyancy Units Assist Pipeline Installation

From the news of CHEC Jazan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Project water intake and outlet project Saudi Arabia, the last part HDPE pipeline was jointed underwater successfully with the help of mono buoyancy units.  It marks the success of the installation of the world’s longest and most flexible pipeline. HDPE pipeline installation is the biggest risk point of whole project. Because it is the first world’s largest diameter and [...]

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Inflatable Pipe Floats Buoys

Recently, we designed one kind new arc-shaped pipe float buoys. This type pipe float buoys can connect with the pipe closer to get more buoyancy in the shallow water condition. We can make pipe float buoys according to the different diameter pipe. The buoyancy is from 1ton to 10ton each unit. Arch-shaped pipe floater has three lifting webbing sling. So pipe laying float can be strapped to the pipeline to reduce [...]

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Water Bags for Crane Load Testing

The use of water bags for crane load testing is recognized worldwide as the most effective and safest solution. DOOWIN crane test water bags proof load bags with capacity from 1 to 100 tonnes provides an easy, safe and highly cost-effective solution for the load testing all kinds of lifting equipment. Water filled weight bags offer a significant advantage over alternative methods in that water can be applied gradually and precisely. The [...]

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Marine Salvage Airbags Float Ship

Marine salvage airbags is one kind of professional floating buoyancy units for the vessel salvage and rescue industry. The main application of the “Marine Salvage Airbags” is in shipwreck salvage, floating bridge and dock construction, rescue, and removal of wrecked ships and beached vessels. Customers also can use it as pontoons for supporting docks and other floating structures. These salvage airbags are also excellent for the underwater construction projects [...]

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650T Crane Load Testing Project

DOOWIN team successfully finished another 650t crane load testing project with water bags. We performed two 300t proof load testing on two main deck cranes and one 50t crane load testing.We used 5 units 50ton water bags and 2 units 25ton water bags. The classification society inspector witnessed the whole proof load testing process. The ship owner given our water bags the high level affirmation and praise. Why use Crane Load [...]

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